Project Details
Project: Yu-Track Enterprise

Company Profile

We are an automated sales force management software, we provide tools to automate the daily basis work that sales teams have to do like simplifying form filling, automated check-ins, and checkouts from customers, gamification, and transparency.

Project Information
  • Project Area: Business Development

  • Project team size: 6-10

  • Learning Outcomes: Marketing, Growth Strategy, Operations

Project description, objectives:

We want Yu-Track to grow. This year our goal is to sell USD$500k per month with an MRR of 50%. We also want to increase the LTV of the customers and make sure our churn rate is lower than 3%.

We are looking for guidance to design our roadmap and milestones to ensure a consolidation in the market we operate in and to expand into new markets. We want to think about the next steps and design a business internationalization plan to start selling effectively abroad.


  • A strong marketing plan with full market analysis
  • Implementation of OKRs of the company and specific areas
  • Distribution strategy that includes steps of expansion
  • To be recognized as a tech Start-Up in the VC world
  • Get on the right track of our EXIT

Additional comment:

We are very interested in participating in this kind of programme because aside from the other points we mentioned above, we want to understand how our culture affects the way we do business, and how to use this differences to our advantage.