Project Details
Project: New markets exploration

Company Profile

  • Colombia, Bogotá

  • Textiles & Apparel

  • Founded in 1987

We are a leading fashion multinational in Latin America that offers the most sophisticated variety and technology in briefcases, backpacks, backpacks, handbags, clothing and accessories. Our designs are thought to adapt and satisfy the needs of our clients in an original, comfortable and versatile way, guaranteeing excellent quality standards. All our products project a balance between the aesthetic, the practical and the functional to achieve a fresh, casual and dynamic image, making us the lifestyle brand preferred by the urban traveler in the world.

Project Information
  • Project Area: Business Development, Market Research, New Market expansion, New Ventures, Strategy

  • Project team size: 3-5

  • Learning Outcomes: Sales & Business Development, Strategy, Market Research, Growth Strategy, International Affairs

Project description, objectives:

With back-to-school plans disrupted in Colombia, elsewhere in Latin American, and around the world, Totto is facing a challenging environment and is eager to explore new markets and new distribution channels, and your work will be to explore options and make recommendations.


There are two “levels” to this project. Teams should evaluate four specific country markets (Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico and Chile. These country markets are places where Totto has had some presence but is facing challenges. In each market, we would like the teams to:
1. Evaluate overall market conditions in the country in question.
2. Assess the implications of COVID-19 and cancelled and/or delayed school openings for the demand for Totto’s traditional products (backpacks) and market prospects for other products (Note that most school calendars in Latin America commence in January with the exception of Mexico which commences in July).
3. Explore new and alternate channels for Totto in the markets in question (Note that while overall sales are down for Totto, digital sales as a percentage of sales are up substantially).
4. Evaluate current and future product mix (Sales of non-backpack products [masks, protective clothing, accessories have increased substantially as a percentage of overall sales but these products sell at a fraction of the price point for backpacks)
5. Make recommendations as to how Totto could restructure and reimagine its presence in the specific market in question in light of the considerations above (could include operational modes such joint ventures or partnership, distribution, overall marketing, etc).
Concurrently, Totto is interested in exploring changes to its product mix, marketing strategy, channel design, and distribution system. As such, a separate team will constitute a “capabilities and integration” They should ensure that (1) these broader questions are addressed in a general sense, and (2) that each Team incorporate these issues into its country-level analysis in a way that is consistent and compatible across Teams.