Project Details
Project: Energy Community Project

Company Profile

Cycle develops IT to make the energy sector smart, supple, and sustainable. We integrate data sources to extract useful information and have insights into the management of flexible resources to deliver digital services that allow new business models and enhance system performance. Cycle received a grant from the UAE and is participating in the Global Entrepreneurship program through UK Embassy in Bogota, and has signed 7 agreements with partners such as IBM and the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. In 2018 the company received a grant awarded by the Government of the United Arab Emirates as winners of the GovTech Prize 2018 in the frame of the World Government Summit and invited the company to the South Summit in Spain as a finalist in the energy category.

Project Information
  • Project Area: Strategy

  • Project team size: 6-10

  • Learning Outcomes: Growth Strategy, International Affairs, Strategy, Sales & Business Development

Project description, objectives:

Cycle is scaling the proof-of-concept of its technology, aiming to have a prototype that is ready-to-market. Being the technology is very complex and the solution very disruptive, a big challenge the startup is facing is to understand the many opportunities and possibilities that could unlock resources to continue developing the vision and mission of the company, but of course, that brings the necessity to be very strategic at the moment of making a decision.

The Energy Community Project would be the continuation of our current project called Pi (π) that is more focused on the investigation and development side. Having succeeded in releasing a stable version of the system, it will be the international relations it has achieved to establish a presence abroad, but first, it is necessary to do an exhaustive analysis of the business and market and prepare the financial models related.

Overall Objective:

  • Define the best strategy to enter to the UK energy market

Specific Objectives:

  • Evaluate the UK Energy market
  • Analyse the UK energy regulation
  • Do an internal and external situation analysis. Evaluate business cases.
  • Evaluate and select the business model. Develop a market plan for the business model.


  • Evaluation and recommendation of the best possible options to establish a presence in the UK
  • Recommendation of the best strategy to achieve funding/investing
  • A marketing plan with full market analysis
  • Financial modeling of the venture
  • Recommendations for new partnerships in the market
  • Detailed Business Model Canvas, or similar tool, of the company
  • Go-to-market plan

Additional comment:

We have ambitions to be the leaders in the new energy economy, giving universal tech solutions that allow for the connecting of isolated communities with first-world communities, so that the latter leverage the development of the former

Project Pi has increased the cash outflow as we have expanded the team, however, we see it as a strategic move to achieve a stable prototype. Currently, we are 7 people full time and 5 people between part-time and supporters. 

The main technologies that support our system are Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT).