Project Details
Project: PML Data Analytics

Company Profile

Promed is a regional value-adding distributor for major medical and laboratory devices manufacturers. Established in 1968, the company focuses on serving Central America and the Caribbean, with offices in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Belice, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico.

Project Information
  • Project Area: Business Development, Logistics & Supply Chain, Market Research, Strategy

  • Project team size: --

  • Learning Outcomes: Sales & Business Development, Strategy, Market Research, Logistics & Supply Chain

Project description, objectives:

PML  aims to help our Partner Vendors sell better in the region by giving them access to our domain knowledge in the shape of a new product: a premium DaaS (Data as a service) offering. 

This service includes key insights on transactions from each country's customs databases. The data on imports and exports is available through the customs agencies of all countries and is organized using The International Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System of the World Customs Organization. This coding system provides a baseline for data mining of the customs database of all countries. The problem is that each country has a different way of organizing the data, and makes its analysis difficult. 

For PML shifting from self-serving analysis to providing a bespoke experience for our partner vendors is critical in our company’s differentiation and value strategy. The market expects up-to-date analysis and trends fed to them. 

The problem we are facing can be divided in two: 

1) How can we create a scalable data harmonization and analysis pipeline? 

2) What type of insights will better serve our partner’s decision-making problems? How can we reduce their costs and make better investments in sales, marketing and product development for the region? 


We are looking for advice on how to best analyze the data sets in order to meet our stated objectives. After this project is done we expect to have a deeper understanding of the MD market in Latam with the following goals:

  • Design KPIs in a dashboard for us and for our vendor partners.

  • Identify relevant manufacturers of MD selling in Latam. 

  • Assess the market size of the logistic bill for MD being sold in Latam. 

  • Identify relevant importers of MD in Latam. 

  • Assess the market size of MD