Project Details
Project: Communications Strategy and Marketing Plan in the Sustainable Fashion Industry

Company Profile

We transform plastic collected from the ocean by fishermen to textile into customized and handmade sneakers and bags. Every year, millions of tons of garbage reach the sea. Textile technology enables us to upcycle plastic collected from the Ocean into new yarn, that we use to produce high-quality products.

Project Information
  • Project Area: Marketing

  • Project team size: --

  • Learning Outcomes: Strategy, Product Design & Development, Marketing

Project description, objectives:

We decided to team up with fishermen focusing on the elimination of waste from the Ocean. Currently, they are collecting plastic from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to efforts in Europe, they also gather plastic from oceans surrounding West Africa and as far as the Java Sea by Indonesia.

At Skizo, we care deeply about our planet as well as the health of our oceans and the life within them. Our partners are not alone in the fight for a better environment, we are in this together.

We are now at a moment in the development of our company and its products to start telling the world about who we are and what we do. That is why we want to focus on building a detailed plan: with a very deep understanding of the market, the audience and the channels that we can use, making sure we build a strong community around Skizo while creating a voice and consolidating brand recognition—to not only inspire people to purchase, but inspire the world in general. 

We want the University team to help us with developing a communication plan and marketing strategy to showcase our sustainable endeavours. This project mixes strategy, product, and marketing skills and is unique in its sustainable focus.

The idea would be to leverage digital communications effectively, to contextualize sustainability, and create a voice with audience-centric communications.


As a deliverable, we want a detailed and full communication plan and marketing strategy – including, but not limited to:

  • A market analysis: market size, audience groups, a niche audience to start working with and why
  • Brand positioning: brand promise (value proposition & product message) for the designed audience
  • Detailed marketing strategy with media channels, PR strategy, community management strategy; delivering creatives and ads is a plus
  • Success KPIs: metrics and goals to measure the plan's success