Project Details
Project: CBD topical patch for various conditions - Target US market

Company Profile

Univo pharmaceuticals is a medical cannabis company that provides medical cannabis to the Israeli market and intend to sell medical cannabis products to Europe as well. Currently we are developing different products based on cannabis that could serve as an alternative treatment to the traditional medicines.

Project Information
  • Project Area: New Market expansion, Strategy

  • Project team size: --

  • Learning Outcomes: Strategy, Market Research, Growth Strategy

Project description, objectives:

We are looking to develop a topical patch containing full-spectrum cannabis oil, rich in CBD. The indication will be for Various conditions. We wish to target the US market, with a customer focus on any person who practices sports and may suffer from muscle pain. 

We wish to understand the potential of the product and in order to do so, we need a market research that will focus on market size, potential pricing, what state/cities can serve as the first candidate for launch and who are the main competitors.


Market research for US clientele (with recommendations for the preferred country for launching), suggested price, market size in terms of people and money.