Project Details
Project: Scale-up

Company Profile

Insolar is a social business that promotes the democratization of solar energy access in Brazil mainly through the installation of solar energy panels in low-income communities (Insolar Comunidades).

Project Information
  • Project Area: Operations

  • Project team size: 3-5

  • Learning Outcomes: Operations, Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility

Project description, objectives:

We are currently planning our national expansion and how to operationalize it. Insolar has a digital platform called “Colaborasol” which is an essential part of our expansion vision. It is in its early stages and has an app version, as well.

Our main challenge is to define possible revenue stream sources through the platform and prioritize them, creating an action plan.


These are our main priorities for this project:

  • Identify possible revenue stream sources through our digital platform
  • Recommendations on which source(s) of revenue we should prioritize to guarantee the best expansion strategy
  • Action plan on how to engage with the recommended source(s) of revenue