Project Details
Project: RealFevr Internationalization

Company Profile

RealFevr is a fast-growing and innovative Fantasy marketplace that delivers the world's best Fantasy Sports experience.

Project Information
  • Project Area: Strategy

  • Project team size: 3-5

  • Learning Outcomes: Growth Strategy, Sales & Business Development, Operations

Project description, objectives:

After an overwhelmingly successful take-up rate (with over 250,000 active users and a fully functional platform for Desktop, iOS, and Android), along with consistently positive feedback from users and Fantasy football fans, RealFevr is ready to expand its reach.

The time is right to internationalize the company, and we want the group to analyse the following markets:

  • Middle East
  • Eastern Europe
  • Asia-Pacific

The challenge is to know which one of these markets is the best one for RealFevr and its business.


Outcomes of the consulting project should include, but not be limited to:

  • Brief macro analysis of the three markets at all levels (economic, social, political, legal) to provide additional information on the costs, risks, and potential impact on take-up rates depending on the social, political, and legal levers that could affect RealFevr, in order to guide decision-making processes
  • A thorough analysis of the three markets sports and gaming industries to assist in determining the best fit
  • SWOT analysis of the three markets to determine RealFevr’s potential strategic position in these geographical locations
  • A full report of the best market for RealFevr and why, along with any other recommendations through having conducted and analysed the findings from the above activities

Additional comment:

RealFevr’s online platform offers a Fantasy Leagues marketplace with free registration, access to real-time statistics, and the ability to play several national and international competitions at the same time, and with a single login. It also offers different game modes, taking into account the users’ experience in Fantasy. Users particularly enjoy its great design, fast updates, live stats, and real-time Fantasy points.