Project Details
Project: Suda expansion

Company Profile

Suda is the most important outdoor community in Latam, where thousands are inspiring others to find their next adventure. We want to motivate you to live new experiences in contact with nature and to discover and share routes for more than 30 outdoor sports. Our app is an essential tool for people who love adventure & nature.

Project Information
  • Project Area: Strategy

  • Project team size: 6-10

  • Learning Outcomes: Market Research, Marketing, Growth Strategy, Market Research, Marketing, Growth Strategy

Project description, objectives:

SUDA is an App for smartphones that tells you where your next outdoor adventure could be, in more than 30 sports. If you want to MTB, sail, skydive, hike, paraglide, or even skydive while enjoying nature, you found the right place.

Our product
We answer the essential questions that any outdoor enthusiast should answer before going outside: Where can I practice my sport? Where can I find a friend to practice with? What kind of equipment do I need?

Business model
Our model comes from promoting different brands that want to have a position in the industry, always contributing to great user experience and in this case, the brand recommends places/routes where the people can go with their products (example; Aconcagua by TNF, we show the route, pictures, description & products that are needed to go there. Like a 4 season tent. We also have Challenges; digital events with no physical activation, reducing big amounts in brands budget, able to move people all around the country.

Lead generation
Every activity uploaded in SUDA has recommended equipment that drives people to our brands' e-commerce.

SUDA today
SUDA has been testing its platform in terms of users value proposition and business model around South America for the last 3 years, and now its time to go north, and Canada is one of our goals because it is a developed country with high outdoor sports potential and conditions, with many routes uploaded in Whistler. We are preparing to internationalize our company, but before executing our strategy we would like to study the culture, markets, and different factors we'll face with the expansion.


  • Market size (community interested and outdoor industry)
  • Apps used in the outdoor industry
  • Smartphone penetration
  • Number of Athletes and influencers in the market and how could we reach them
  • Main sports practiced in the country
  • Number of Outdoor sports operators and which platforms they use to be promoted
  • Marketing plan
  • Which strategy would be best to bring a product like SUDA (an app) into Canada; only with people working from Chile, or with a country manager, maybe through a marketing agency, etc., & if its a local partner what would you offer them?

Additional comment:

After raising its third round of private funds, SUDA is preparing to find a big global partner in developed countries, and take a big step in terms of community and incomes.