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What we do

Austral Education Group organizes experiential learning solutions for groups of business students by partnering them with companies all over the world. This connection guarantees a level of learning that cannot be attained solely in a classroom environment. Either remotely or in-person, the students provide insights and solutions to the company sharing its current challenge.

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Sample Projects


Connectivity market-entry strategy

Munich, Germany

Clever Solar Devices

Investor Pitch Analysis and Feedback

Cirujales del Río, Spain


People Reward System

Rumilly, France

Nutrition Technologies

Competitor Analysis: Insect Protein Sector

Singapore, Singapore

Freedom Finance

International approaches to offering lending products to those with no/poor credit history.

Manchester, United Kingdom


Evolving the customer support channel to better support the energy transition

Lisbon, Portugal


VC for a day: Pitch Deck Analysis for Qooore

San Francisco, United States


Ideas for online marketing plan USA for Chilean Startup!

Santiago, Chile

Benefits of Project-Based Learning