Project Details
Project: Improving product offers and pricing

Company Profile

Pin People is an Employee Experience (EX) management platform. Through its survey-analytics-recommendation engine based on statistics and artificial intelligence, companies can measure, understand, and act on their employees' experience data.

Project Information
  • Project Area: Business Development

  • Project team size: 6-10

  • Learning Outcomes: Data Management, Financial Planning & Analysis, Strategy

Project description, objectives:

Pin People has a very customizable and versatile product, based on collecting feedback from employees through pulses or automated surveys, analyzing this data through analytics, and presenting insights in real-time dashboards. In this way, there are numerous possibilities of use cases. This creates the challenge of defining product offerings and pricing correctly.

Our current focus is to offer solutions to Human Resources and People Leaders. In terms of pricing, there is a challenge to price the products correctly and better understand our margin, discount practices, whether or not to charge the setup, and what kind of pricing we should do in the case of sales by partners. The goal of the project is to review how Pin People creates its offers and prices them, not only based on what other players in the same category do but also based on the challenges and problems that HR and Managers face in their jobs.


  • Suggest a way to show our solution to the market that is simple to understand (showing each module of the solution; Individually and also the benefit of hiring more than one module or the complete solution)
  • Make benchmarks with companies that offer similar solutions/substitutes or other solutions for the same type of customer of Pin People, in order to understand how much these players are charging and what type of pricing model they adopt (SaaS, annual contract, setup, etc.)
  • Design a pricing model (SaaS) for each module of the Pin People solution. Propose a pricing tool for each module of the solution (e.g. values based on employee volume, based on the number of searches triggered, based on the number of users, etc.)

Additional comment:

We are totally passionate about building solutions that help people be happier and more successful at work. We believe that improving the employee's experience is a good way to do this. We are very excited about the possibility of counting on the help of professionals who identify with our purpose.