Project Details
Project: Marketing Strategy

Company Profile

RODA Energía is a consulting company specialized in energy issues. Our portfolio of services includes Energy Audits, Energy Management Systems, Energy Engineering, Energy Projects Development, & Energy Advisory, among others.

Project Information
  • Project Area: Marketing

  • Project team size: 3-5

  • Learning Outcomes: Strategy, Research & Development, Marketing

Project description, objectives:

RODA Energía was founded in 2011 and today we have a team of engineers covering the disciplines of mechanics, chemistry, electricity, electronics, and industry, in order to offer our clients, both public and private, consulting and engineering solutions in matters of efficiency energy and renewable energy.

The needs are particular and the energy processes too. For this reason, the concept of boutique consultancy was born, since we adapt to the requirements of our clients, always delivering more than they request. On the other hand, our work in both the public and private sectors gives us a global vision, thus being able to have a differentiated understanding of the sector.

Our day-to-day focus in the operation has not allowed us to take some time to think about a differentiated marketing plan to target different industrial sectors and help us reach more clients and grow.


We want the team to focus on creating differentiated marketing strategies for different industrial sectors:

  • Mining
  • Cement
  • Building/Construction
  • Transportation
  • Fishing
  • Agribusiness

Additional comment:

Currently, our marketing management is based on direct calls, our website, and social media presence.